Born Vancouver Canada Education /Related Experience Emilly Carr Institute of Art Vancouver Academy Of Art Zen Brush Painting Solo Exhibitions 2014 Of Trace and Memory, Bau-Xi Vancouver Canada 2013 Music of the Inner World, Gardens of the Heart ,Bau-xi Upper Gallery Toronto CAN 2012 Meridians,3 Moments in the Places Between Bau-xi Toronto 2011 Convergence, Rare Earth, Bau-xi Vancouver CAN, 2010 Whistler Village Art Gallery, Whistler CAN Bau-xi Photo Toronto 3 person show 2009 Galerie Zuger , Santa Fe NM USA Many Ways of Knowing, Bau-xi,Vancouver CAN, Susan Street Fine Art CA USA, 2008 Perceptual World, Bau-xi Gallery, Toronto,CAN Susan Street Fine Art California USA, TIAF Toronto Whistler Village Art Gallery, Canada Songs of the Heart,Galerie Zuger,Santa Fe USA 2007 Water Poems, Bau-xiGallery, Vancouver,CAN, TIAF Toronto 2006 Oceans of the Heart,Bau-xi Gallery,Toronto CAN Stillness and Light,Galerie Zuger Santa Fe USA 2005 Water Poems,Bau-xi ,Vancouver,CAN Reflections, Galerie Zuger, Santa Fe , USA 2004 Re-gathering Silence,Masters Gallery Denver USA Water Poems from the Quieting Room,Bau-xi Gallery, Toronto, CAN Unity,Rivers Within, Galerie Zuger, Santa Fe, USA 2003 Poetics of the Quieting Room, Bau-xi Gallery,Vancouver CAN Waking Passage of a Possible World, Galerie Zuger, Santa Fe USA Possible Worlds, Masters Gallery, Vale USA 2002 Field Notes From a Blue Room, Galerie Zuger, Santa Fe, USA Whisper of a Waking Dream, Bau-xi Gallery,Toronto CAN 2001 Essence and Origin ( Field Notes From an Actual World ),Bau-xi Gallery ,Vancouver, CAN Essence of an Actual World,Bau-xi Gallery ,Toronto CAN 2000 Fragments of a Mirror, Bau-xi Gallery Vancouver,CAN Night Birds, Plaskett Gallery,New Westminister,CAN 1999 New Works, two person show with Don Maynard, Bau-xi Gallery Vancouver CAN 1998 Songs of the Heart, Queen Elizabeth Gallery, Vancouver,CAN Memories Turned with Great Patience,Arts Council Gallery, N.Vancouver CAN 1997 Not a still Life, Dundarave Gallery, Vancouver CAN Dark Birds,New works, Arts Commision Gallery, N.Vancouver CAN Selected Group Exhibitions 2013 Bau-xi Vancouver The White Show Cityscape Gallery , A Sense of Place (3 person ) 2012 Bau-xi Vancouver, When Night Falls 2011 Bau-xi Vancouver small works Susan Street ,San Diego USA 2010 Bau-xi Photo , Bau-xi Gallery Toronto CAN Bau-Xi Gallery Vancouver/Toronto 1999 to present Whistler Village Art Gallery,2005 -present Whistler CAN 2009 Galerie Zuger, Santa Fe, USA TIAF , Toronto CAN 2001-present 2008 RED DOT New York 2007 Galerie Zuger, Santa Fe , USA 2006 Susan Street Fine Art, San Diego, USA Masters Gallery, Aspen, USA 2005 Oceans of Art, Nanaimo Art Gallery, Nanaimo CAN 2004 New works, Aspengrove Fine Arts,Aspen USA 2003 Water 3 person show bau-xi Toronto CAN New Works Galerie Zuger, Santa Fe, Vail USA 2002 Cirque Du Vin, Signorello Vineyards ,Napa Valley USA Exchanges, Cambridge Art Center,Cambridge USA New York Art Expo Roots , Ferry Building Art Gallery, W.Vancouver CAN 2001 Vancouver Art, Vancouver Art Gallery Auction Vancouver CAN Print 30 th Anniversary Innvitational Exhibition, Dundarave Print Gallery, Vancouver CAN 2000 Ferry Building Gallery , W.Vancouver CAN 1999 Ferry Building Gallery, W.Vancouver CAN Gallery Under Glass, Burnaby CAN The Crow , Seymour Art Gallery , N.Vancouver CAN A Sense of Place, Ferry Building Art Gallery W.Vancouver CAN 1998 Ferry Building ,W.Vancouver CAN The Boudoir, Seymour Art Gallery, N.Vancouver CAN BC Fest. of the Arts Prince George CAN Dundarave Print gallery, Vancouver CAN Finnesse and Fortitude, Seymour Art Gallery, N.Vancouver CAN 1997 Landscape Within, Dundarave Print Gallery, Vancouver CAN 1996 Four Women, Dundarave Print Gallery, Vancouver CAN 1995 Beyond the Door, Seymour Art Gallery, N.Vancouver CAN 1994 Ferry Building Gallery, W.Vancouver CAN Selected Collections Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corp./ Chicago Palmer House Hilton / Ballard Energy/ Ballet British Columbia/ Dallas Hilton/ Fairmont Waterfront Hotel Vancouver/Goldman Sachs & Co. New York/ I5 Communications Greece ,Vancouver/ Polygon Developments/ Royal Bank of Canada/ Capilano Golf Club / Vancouver Art Gallery

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